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The Shining Path of the Sidhe

Circle of Healing Prayer Archives

Click each link below to listen to the recording (each recording is between 20 and 35 minutes).
These are live phone recordings and so the quality is just that
Permission is NOT given to record, copy or reproduce in ANY way.
Permission is given to share this Circle of Healing Prayer through listening to this recording with all.

Circle of Healing for 12-12-12

Our Green Body Being

Call from the Nature Spirits

Islands of Miracles



Circle of Healing On Love

Focus on the Trees

Clearing Our Space

Pure Consciousness

A Message from the Angels

Meditation on Money - When We Live Within our Means More Will Be Given

The Gentle Folk of Fairie

Focus on Healing and Elevating the Blood

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Art of Paying Attention and Focus on Food

Feast of St. Francis 4 October
A Special Blessing for Animals and Birds

Sanctification of the Female Body

Daily Practice

Divine Relationship

Our Radiant Field of Intention

A Blessing from Mother Mary

Peace on Earth

Healing Circle for the Gnomes

Welcoming the New Angels

Immaculate Image

The Artful Dodger

Beloved On Earth

Healing the Indigenous Heart

Invocation to the Divine Mother

A Prayer for the Honey Bee

Becoming the Hollow Reed

The Sail and the Rudder

Becoming a Frequency Holder of Divine Joy